Extraction System Cleaning

Extraction Systems in commercial kitchens can become contaminated with grease build up, affecting air flow in the kitchen as well as potentially becoming a fire risk. Our Extraction System Cleaning service is designed to remove the grease build up from all internal surfaces of the system (Canopy, Filters, Fan, and Ductwork). This service is carried out in accordance with TR19 Guidelines, before & after photographs are supplied upon completion of works along with certification. This service can also be utilised to clean air supply systems.

Tegras Duct Cleaning System

Industrial Deep Cleaning Ltd are one of the few UK operators of the Tegras Duct Cleaning System. This system uses a robotic rotary brush to inject a degreasing foam onto the internal surfaces of the extraction system and clean large sections of ductwork from minimal access points, minimising the need for excessive access doors and confined space work and ensuring that internal ductwork is fully clean, safe and functional, as well as compliant with fire regulations and insurers requirements

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TR19 Frequency of cleaning
Heavy Use 12 – 16 hours per day 3 monthly
Moderate Use 6 – 12 hours per day 6 monthly
Light Use 2 – 6 hours per day 12 monthly

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