Other Services

We offer many other specialist cleaning services including;

Washroom Deep Cleaning – Thorough deep cleaning of washroom facilities, designed to restore heavily used washrooms to a clean and safe environment using chemical wash/wipe methods, leaving washrooms clean and functional for staff and visitor.

Student Accommodation Cleaning – Cleaning of Domestic Ovens & Washrooms following end of tenancy by students. This is often carried out by large university accommodation sites during summer shutdown.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Using heavy duty extraction machines we are able to remove stains/dirt from the dirtiest of commercial carpets.  We have carried out this work for a number of years for many call centres, manufacturing facilities, hotels etc…

Pressure Washing – We have carried out this service for many years achieving impressive results. The use of pressure washers can remove extremely heavy staining from many difficult to clean areas. This service can also include the removal of chewing gum from ground areas.

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